Once per month, and I mean just once per month, I send a newsletter to those who are interested in the happenings in the world of real estate, and also the world of Cody! You’ll see market stats, hear some anecdotes and pick up some tips on how to work with the current market. If you’re interested, click here.

What they say about my famous newsletter:

  • “Amidst the barrage of articles and click bait headlines fighting for my attention, Cody’s monthly real estate newsletter is a welcomed interruption. He not only outlines the latest Fraser Valley market stats and trends, but engages with them and provides thorough yet concise analysis. Cody’s insights and review produce easy-to-read and informative summaries. I recommend Cody’s monthly newsletter for anyone desiring a deeper understanding of the Fraser Valley real estate market.” - KN
  • “I find him very articulate, sincere and knowledgeable. I have been particularly impressed with this newsletter which I find not only informative but entertaining. I is one of the few newsletters that I read cover to cover and I am not even in the market to buy or sell. I have shared Cody’s newsletter freely with friends/family in other areas and have had the feedback that they enjoy it as well.” - AB
  • “Whenever I read a post from Cody, I usually jump to the bottom first so that I can catch up on his interesting activities that he likes to be involved with. So not only are his letters clear and informative, but I can see that he is a real person that does neat things. This makes me want to deal with him…knowledgeable, great communicator and human.” - AS


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